Monday, January 14, 2013

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apricots?

Can you believe that we've tried apriums, a plum-apricot hybrid, before we've tried real apricots? Today, we're going to fix that. We can have apricots 1-2 times per week. Make sure you cut out the big seed, and feed us about two thin wedges each. The humans like to cut our wedges up into small pieces to encourage us to share our food. (They're sneaky like that.)

Buffy, I saw your sneaking your pieces off the plate! That won't stop me from stealing them if I want them.

The competition between Broccoli and me for apricot pieces is heating up.
And Broccoli forfeits! I win at apricots!
Broccoli got bored of apricots in the middle of our meal, and then later, Buffy got bored of them too. I have no idea why because I thought apricots were delicious! At first, this made me happy because I thought I could eat their portions, but the humans took it away and said that was too much sugar for me. Not cool, humans! Since not all of us liked apricots, I guess I'll be fair and only give them 3/5 stars, though I'd give them a higher rating if it wasn't for the other two.

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