Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Product Review: Vitakraft Happy Frutti

Vitakraft Sunseed Inc. recently sent us these Happy Frutti treats to try. Other piggies loved them, so we really wanted to try them.
I see yummy fruit on the package.
Unfortunately, we couldn't after we read the ingredients:
Oats? These are guinea pig treats, right?
Yes, oats are listed twice in the ingredients list, and oats are not good for guinea pigs to eat. They are hard for guinea pigs to digest, and can cause bloat and obesity. Maybe you could get away with feeding them as a very occasional treat, but why would you when there are much better treats out there without the health risks? We feel bad about doing this since Vitakraft was nice enough to send us these to try, but we have to give these treats 1/5 stars.

Vitakraft Sunseed also sells yogurt treats for guinea pigs, which are also not good for them. While I'd be careful about feeding Vitakraft treats to your piggies, they do, however, make plenty of other great products that are safe for piggies, such as Vitakraft Eco-bedding and Sunseed Fresh World Bedding, so check them out!


  1. Are their Vitamin C Drops good for guineas?

  2. Yogurt is actually very healthy for cavies because of the pre and pro biotics. Their gut runs on bacteria and enzymes just like ours. Yogurt contains essential bacteria and enzymes which are very good for them.