Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celeriac (Celery Root)?

Celeriac, AKA celery root, is an ugly-looking vegetable. It's lumpy and brown, and doesn't look like the kind of thing you'd want to bite into. However, we guinea pigs aren't superficial and don't judge vegetables just based on appearance. We don't need to judge based on appearance because of our sophisticated sense of smell, which is somewhere between a human's and a dog's, and probably closer to a dog's. While you humans may look at celeriac and see an ugly brown lump, our sense of smell instantly tells us that there's probably a tasty treat beneath that ugly exterior!

Celeriac is safe to feed us, although we didn't find any information on how often, so we recommend only making it an occasional treat until better information is available.

Crunchy and yummy!
Must eat as much as possible as fast as possible!
Hey, human! Got any more celery root? We're all out!
Celery root gets 5/5 stars!

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