Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Product Review: Super Pet Music Chews Modern

If you look at most of the toys we've reviewed up to this point, most of them have been homemade toys, like oatmeal containers and paper bags. Today, we're going to review a professionally-made toy: Super Pet Music Chews Modern, which we got as part of our prize for winning the carrot-carving contest.

Uh-oh. Guinea pigs are just one of several animals this product is made for. That's never a good sign.
What the heck is that thing? Doesn't look like fun.

What's that in my food bowl? Oh, it's that same boring toy from before. You moved it. Great.

The back of the package says: "Simply slide any of our wide assortment of chews onto a Super Pet Ka-Bob dispenser." We admit that we didn't have this dispenser in our cage, but we can't imagine liking this thing any more if it was hanging down. Sorry, but this toy is just not fun for us. We had no interest in chewing on it. Maybe hamsters and rabbits would like it better, but there should not be guinea pigs on the front of their package. 1/5 stars.


  1. I got one of these kabobs with a bell on the end. The pigs do chew it a bit, I think its because they like the sounds it makes when they yank it around.

  2. It's also artificially colored, I can't imagine wood coming in neon pink. And Super Pet, while the company makes nice crinkle tunnels that Sugar and Cinnamon enjoy, uses glue on their chews. Kinda bad for a piggy to digest.

    1. Good points. Artificial colors and glue are definitely not on our favorite food list!