Friday, July 1, 2011

Toys for Guinea Pigs: Paper Bags

At, you can find lots of great guinea pig toy ideas. The humans decided to try giving us a paper bag to try as a toy.
Lola approached the paper bag...
...but got scared and ran to the opposite corner!
I wasn't scared, but wasn't sure how to get in at first.
The humans decided to put some hay and a sliced-up grape in the bag. I just followed my nose and found the entrance!
Even after Lola saw me get in and out of the paper bag, she was still scared. The humans watched her for several minutes to see if she'd warm up to the idea of going in. She didn't. They tried to lead her with a piece of hay to the entrance, which she'd follow right up to the entrance, and then run away. The humans even tried cutting a hole in the side of the bag, but she didn't care. She's the dominant guinea pig, and yet she's scared of a paper bag? It doesn't make sense to me, but it meant that I was able to eat all the food the humans put in the bag by myself without Lola harassing me. Hooray for paper bags, I say! I'd love to give them five stars for this reason, but then I'd have to hide in the paper bag indefinitely from Lola, so I'll be fair and give them 3/5 stars.


  1. Lola would keep her back legs stable and inch up her front legs closer and closer to the paper bag until she was fully stretched out- and then run like crazy to the other side of the cage :)