Thursday, June 27, 2013

Water Bottle Warning For Guinea Pigs

We have a horror story to share with you. It's summer time, and as our loyal readers know, that means you've got to make sure that your piggy doesn't get too hot and has plenty of water. Our humans recently refilled the water bottle, and try as we might, we couldn't get any liquid to come out. We started to get really thirsty, and I started to wheek loudly in complaint. The humans can be a little slow, though. I got lots of hay and some treats in response, which I ordinarily would love, but what good is that stuff without water to wash it down. I wheeked some more, and the humans were confused as to what I could want. Finally, they noticed that the water level in our bottle hadn't gone down at all since they last refilled it. They flipped the water bottle upside-down and poked the little metal ball, and finally it started dispensing water again.

Relief at last! So thirsty! Wait your turn, you two!
Don't get too comfortable at that nozzle, Buffy. I'll probably want more soon.
So, if your piggy starts wheeking uncontrollably, make sure you check their water bottle!

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  1. That is not the first time Broccoli has experienced that! When we rescued Broccoli, we got the starter cage, with a water bottle. I filled the bottle and put it in his cage. We found out it was too high for him, so I lowered it. After the first day, and the bottle being too high, I noticed him nosing the water bottle, and he had also quite eating. After I saw him nose the bottle repeatedly, I grabbed Broccoli and the water bottle, got the ball moving and held him while he drank from the bottle. He was SOOOO thirsty, poor baby! Give him cuddles for us!