Sunday, June 30, 2013

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sunberries (Wonderberries)?

Sunberries, also known as wonderberries, were created in Santa Rosa, California in 1905. They have a rather mild flavor compared to other berries, which is perhaps why they are not as popular. Sunberries are related to huckleberries, which you can give 1-2 berries per pig 1-2 times per week. Since sunberries are smaller than huckleberries, our humans assumed 3-4 berries would be okay.

That looks like blueberries! We like blueberries!
It looks like blueberries, but it tastes more like tomatoes.

Lola and Broccoli are crowding each other's personal space. I think they're still fighting for dominance. I'm just going to eat my sunberries quietly in the background!

Sunberries might be hard to find, but if you do find them, do your guinea pig a favor and pick some up for them! 5/5 stars!


  1. We've never even heard of them! You learn something new everyday!

  2. I can't blame them for liking them. Sunberries are pretty good! :)