Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Product Review: All Living Things Paper Pet Bedding

Humans are really obsessed with this money stuff. They're always talking about it, and finding ways to save it. It's a concept we have trouble relating to. We can just wheek loudly and usually get what we want, but we understand that if a human went into a store and did the same thing, it wouldn't work. Today we're going to review All Living Things Paper Pet Bedding, which the humans got because it was a little cheaper than the Carefresh brand bedding. It's always nice to hear the humans complain about money less, but does this stuff have anything else going for it?

That's not Carefresh.
It's almost as good as Carefresh, though. Almost.
This bedding is a dull gray color, which means that unlike the Carefresh Ultra we tried a while back, poops camouflage in this bedding. The bedding seemed a little harder than the Carefresh, so we didn't spend as much time on it as we would with the Carefresh. One the plus side, it kept odors under control so we didn't have to hear our humans complain about smells, which humans like to complain about almost as much as money. We'll give this bedding 4/5 stars!

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