Saturday, October 19, 2013

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Persimmons?

The humans were going to feed us persimmons one time before, but they decided not to. Why? Because there are two types of persimmons, and they got the wrong kind. Hachiya persimmons are the wrong kind, and fuyu persimmons are the right kind. Fuyu have flat bottoms, and taste sweet, while Hachiya persimmons are painfully tart; they're so tart that the humans were making funny faces after tasting them. They threw them out without feeding them to us. We protested, but the humans insisted that they would hurt our mouths and we'd hate it. I suppose after criticizing the humans for not knowing better when they fed us lemons, we should be glad they spared us from a food we'd hate.

Guinea pigs can have persimmons as an occasional treat in small quantities. (We didn't find anything more specific as to the frequency, so we're going to say no more than once a week.) Our humans cut up one-quarter of a fuyu persimmon to be shared between the three of us.

This is a fuyu persimmon.
It's tasty!

We did get a little bored near the end and left a chunk for the humans to clean up, but otherwise, we loved it! We give persimmons 4.5/5 stars!


  1. My family eats fuyu persimmons often and my guinea pigs loovee them! :)
    I think hachiya persimmons aren't supposed to be eaten when they're hard or else they're really tart. Hachiya persimmons should be really mushy and then they are really really good. :)

    1. The humans waited a few days before they sampled the hachiya persimmons. Maybe they should have waited even longer.

  2. Can cavies have persimmon leaves and branches ?