Sunday, October 6, 2013

Product Review: Super Pet Apple Orchard Sticks

The nice thing about the pignic that we recently attended is that they had some guinea pig accessories on-sale at a deep discount. While we personally don't care about money (Can we eat it? Then we don' care...), we know that our humans complain if they spend too much of it, and they're more likely to get us stuff if they don't have to spend too much of it, so we care about money indirectly. Thanks to the pignic, today we're trying Super Pet Apple Orchard Sticks.

Hmm... Doesn't look very fun.

I see them, but is there anything else to chew on?
No? Oh well. Let's just eat hay, then.
Bad choice, humans. These sticks are totally boring, and we give them 1/5 stars. (Note that like the music chews, these things are supposed to going in the Super Pet Ka-Bob dispenser, which we don't have. However, we can't imagine liking these things any more if they were dangling in front of us.)


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  2. I only have one piggy, he is a boy, Should i get him a friend pig? He has a stuffed friend he sleeps with in his cage and we take him out all the time. he likes to nap and cuddle while I watch TV.

    1. We recommend getting another pig because guinea pigs are social animals. However, before you do, make sure you read our post "Should I Get Another Guinea Pig?"

  3. my piggy actually loves these! I normally don't put all of them in, but I give him one at a time and he'll chew on it till all the bark is gone