Wednesday, October 2, 2013


We recently went to the PIGSTRAVAGANZA! Pignic in Maryland and had a great time. We had wanted to attend pignics previously, but things never quite worked out. As usual, we weren't fans of being in the car, and this was an especially long car ride for us. Once we got there, we realized that the humans had made a mistake and bought a playpen that was too small for the three of us. Luckily, a nice human couple decided to share their spacious playpen with us, using our small playpen as a divider.

If you're interested in attending a pignic too, then check the list of pignics at (Also make sure you read their section on pignic etiquette at the bottom of the page.)

Aren't you two coming out? You both claim to be the dominant one!
"Tic Tac Poo?" I want to play!
For once, I don't have to go. Sorry, humans. I can't win you any prizes this time.
They have poop candies for sale. Maybe you could buy those and just drop them on the "tic tac poo" board?
Guinea pig shaped treats for humans. You know what would be even better? Human shaped treats for guinea pigs!
Hello, other piggies!
Can't remember the last time I saw other pigs (not counting on the internet).

That pig wishes he/she had a pigloo right about now!
Wow, another texel! She even kind of looks like me.
Do you smell like me, too?
Hey, those aren't guinea pigs. They're way too big. I think they might be capybaras.
Save some for the rest of us, Lola!
Oh, hello! Looks like we have a next-door neighbor now. What's your name? Custard? That's a nice name.
Human piglets attacking a poop piñata.
Don't hit that piggy piñata! It looks too cute to hit!
Lola, have you met Custard?
Looks like Custard is going to have some company.
Sniffing each other. The traditional guinea pig greeting.
Nice costumes. 
Another nice costume.
The crayons won the costume contest.
This hippy was very mellow about not winning.
Lola, are you still eating grass?
Now that everyone's out of hiding, let's all eat grass together.
By the way, we had our picture taken in costume. Broccoli actually got a chance to wear the famous guinea pig armor (minus the helmet). Click here to see it!

We give this pignic 5/5 stars!


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  2. Love the AWESOME pignic photos! I went to a pignic and brought my guinea pigs. It was held by the Cavy Haven rescue and they had a costume contest, veggie eating contest, and more. The tic tac poo game and the poo candies were hilarious and creative. :)

    1. The Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue did a really great job on this one.

  3. It kind of made me sad to see guinea pigs in costumes. It is really mean and they don't like it.

    1. I think it depends on the costume and piggy. For the professional photograph, the humans originally tried to put a different costume on Lola, but she didn't want to wear it, and made it very clear. She was okay with the tutu, however. We think costumes can be okay if you're piggy is okay with it. Humans should definitely listen to us when we're trying to tell you that we don't want to wear something, however.

  4. We recently went to the PIGSTRAVAGANZA! Pignic in Maryland and had a great time. We had wanted to attend pignics previously, but things ...