Monday, November 4, 2013

Guest Piggies: Fluffy, Olympia, Sandy and Celery

It's once again time for us to turn the keyboard over to some of our adorable readers out there. You're up, Fluffy, Olympia, Sandy and Celery!

Hello! My name is Fluffy! I am the dominant piggie on our island of cavies. I love my water...(as you can see by my photo).

I'm Olympia. I'm the same age as Fluffy (both of us are four years old), but I'm very shy. Despite my shyness, I'm very curious. The humans think my round nose is very cute.

Hi, I'm Sandy. I'm even shyer than Olympia. The only time I'll ever say hi to the humans is 1) if they have bananas or they smell like bananas or 2) if they have an Oxbow Timothy Treat.

I'm Celery, the youngest of the piggies and the only boy! I was actually sold as a girl at Petco, but they made a mistake. I wish that I could type a whole paragraph on myself, but I can't...

We like to play with each other, and it is very fun. We also all read Cavy Savvy. We try some of the foods that the Cavy Savvy pigs recommend. Thank you to Lola, Buffy, and Broccoli for inspiring us to try new foods!

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