Thursday, November 28, 2013

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Stonehead Cabbage?

Today we're reviewing Stonehead Cabbage. This food isn't on any of the food charts that we know of, so it took some research to determine whether it was safe to eat. Stonehead cabbage is a type ("cultivar," or cultivated variety) of cabbage. There are 73 cultivars of cabbage in the United States, according to one source, although there are just three main groups of cabbage: green, red and Savoy, and we can eat all three. (Chinese cabbage, AKA bok choy, is a different species, which we can eat as well.) So even though we didn't find anything specific on stonehead cabbage on the food charts, since we can eat all three major groups of cabbage about 2-4 times per week in small portions (because they are very gassy), we're going to recommend you feed us stonehead cabbage no more often than this (and also in small portions).

Fun fact: The stonehead cabbage gets its name from the density of the cabbage head, which can weigh 4-6 pounds
This is nowhere near 4-6 pounds of cabbage! Why must you be a gassy food, stonehead cabbage?
The last piece... Don't even think about it, Broccoli! It's mine!
Hey! Not cool! I called it!
So it looks like the struggle for dominance continues. Why won't you just give up, Broccoli? I was here first, and I'm obviously the natural choice to lead this herd.

Oh, right. We were reviewing stonehead cabbage. It was delicious enough to fight over, so it deserves 5/5 stars!

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