Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Product Review: Vitakraft Timothy Hay Sweet Grass

Once again, the humans forgot to order more Small Pet Select hay in time, and we ran out. Criticizing the humans isn't working, so we're thinking of using positive reinforcement the next time the humans remember to order more hay on time. You have our permission to eat a cupcake or cronut, or whatever you humans like to eat. Deal?

This time, the humans the humans bought us Vitakraft Timothy Hay Sweet Grass to deal with the hay shortage.
Looks okay at a glance...

Why is the hay in giant bundled bricks?
It's not bad...
The hay was okay, but not great. It was not very fresh, certainly not as fresh as the Small Pet Select we usually get. Also, it didn't have a lot of the fat seed-heads, which are our favorite part. Finally, each piece of hay was cut up into short pieces, which meant it would spill out of our hay ball and fall onto the floor. Therefore, we'll give Vitakraft Timothy Hay Sweet Grass 2/5 stars.


  1. Hello CavySavvy! I am twelve years old, almost thirteen, and my parents said I could get guinea pigs. I am not getting a guinea pig cage purchased at the store, these are wayyy too small, but instead going to build one. I am buying it myself, so I need the least expensive building supplies. What do you recommend to build with? What do you use? I also need some tips on bedding. My mom is not letting me get CareFRESH because it's too

  2. Expensive, and so is there some other bedding that's safe and inexpensive? Besides fleece, this is an option

  3. But is there any other safe bedding for piggies? Finally, hay. I need the least inexpensive hay that's still very good for pigs. Please reply and sorry about how the comments are. Everytime I backspace it won't let me type anymore. Bye.

    1. You might want to check out http://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/ if you're in the market for a good cage. Pet store cages tend to be too small.

      Fleece is a good option if you're looking for safe and inexpensive bedding. Granted, the humans complain about having to clean the fleece all the time, but it's a one-time investment rather than something you purchase on a regular basis like Carefresh bedding.

      In terms of hay, we would recommend small pet select. If you buy it in bulk, you'll save money. Also, if you get on their mailing list, they usually have some sort of free shipping code. (The most recent code they sent us is "ARTHUR". You can try that and see if it still works.)