Sunday, March 2, 2014

Product Review: Carefresh Colors Soft Bedding, Pink

We've tried several types of Carefresh soft pet bedding at this point: Natural, Confetti, and Ultra. The only differences we've found are the color and the price (so our humans tell us, despite our lack of interest). The same holds true for our latest review: Carefresh Colors Soft Bedding. Carefresh Colors comes in four colors: blue, pink, purple and green. We're reviewing the pink type.

That looks interesting.

You know, we could have had the humans make a heart out of this stuff for Valentine's Day. Oh well, maybe next year.

It's so pink!
As with all Carefresh soft beddings, we appreciate how soft it is, how well it controls odors, and how it's safe/non-toxic (unlike that awful Kaytee bedding we recently tried). So what did we think of the color? We liked it! It was a fun change of pace, just like the confetti bedding. However, be aware that like the ultra bedding, our poops will be very noticeable in contrast with the bright color. And, similar to the confetti bedding, you'll pay more for less bedding with Carefresh Colors compared to Carefresh Natural. (Which is fine if your humans aren't the type to complain about money. Our humans care, though!)

We'll give Carefresh Colors Soft Bedding (Pink) 4.5/5 stars!

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