Friday, July 8, 2011

Review of Carefresh Ultra Pet Bedding

Back in April, we posted "10 Things You Should Know Before Buying or Adopting a Guinea Pig." Number two on that list (appropriately enough!) was "All that eating leads to a lot of waste." Buffy and I care about our blog, so we try to use pictures without lots of guinea pig poop in them. Ordinarily, the humans buy us the brown Carefresh bedding, which makes the waste less visible. The problem with Carefresh Ultra is that it's white. I mean, really bright white. That means that the stuff we usually try to downplay becomes really visible.
Look how white that stuff is. This stuff made it look like it snowed in our cage.
Yuck! That's unsightly! (Do we really want this on the blog?)

Just look at our cute faces and ignore the mess, okay?

Other than the color, this stuff works great, just like the other Carefresh. It controls odor, it clumps, and it's comfortable for us to walk on. But we've got to take off a point for appearances. 4/5 stars.


  1. That's right. I love care fresh but this is pretty bad. I ALWAYS buy the NATURAL one. Keeps the odor down to. Good for the environment also.

  2. I usually use the natural one too, it isn't very cheap, but I am trying out Aspen soon, and then keep trying more to find the cheapest and best bedding. I can't use fleece because it is unsanitary to wash your pig's pee out in the same place you wash your undies. gross to me, but i guess it is fine. great blog!!

    1. DO NOT GET ASPEN...My vet told me to switch from that to paper cuz any wood shavings is bad for piggies