Sunday, January 5, 2014

Product Review: Carefresh Confetti Soft Pet Bedding

Today we're going to review Carefresh Confetti Soft Pet Bedding. This product is so festive-looking that we had originally planned on reviewing it on New Year's, but we had a lot of other things to talk about so we didn't get around to it. We made it our New Year's resolution to get around to this review, however, so mission accomplished!

It's so colorful!
Can't wait to try it out!
This stuff is more expensive than the regular, Carefresh Natural soft pet bedding. We've found that prices can vary quite a bit depending on where you buy your Carefresh, but just for comparison purposes, we pulled the list price (not the sale price) and sizes for Carefresh Natural and Carefresh Confetti from Petco's website:
  • $8.99 for 14 liters of Natural VS. $12.99 for 10 liters of Confetti
  • $13.99 for 30 liters of Natural VS. $17.99 for 23 liters of Confetti
  • $23.99 for 60 liters of Natural VS. $25.99 for 50 liters of Confetti

In other words, your human will pay more to get less of the Carefresh Confetti bedding. If you pay extra for this stuff, do you get anything for your money? Well, turns out it works just as well as the regular Carefresh. The only real difference is the appearance. It's so fun and festive!

We were up last night partying on our Carefresh Confetti. Time for you to clean it up, human!
If you've got the kind of human who wears a monocle and top hat, and buys you cages with solid gold bars to chew on, then they can probably afford to buy this stuff everyday for you. If your human isn't like that, however, then they're probably better off sticking with Carefresh Natural (or one of the off-brand equivalents that's even cheaper) for everyday purposes. Still, if you want to have the occasional celebration or if you're trying to impress someone, then we would say it's time to get Carefresh Confetti. (You can always switch back after the holidays are over and your judgmental house-guests go home!) For being a quality product that looks great but is a bit too expensive for everyday use, we'll give Carefresh Confetti 4/5 stars!

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