Monday, April 28, 2014

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Plantains?

There are some foods that we can have nearly everyday, such as Belgian endive and cherry tomatoes. The food we're reviewing today (plantains) is not one of them. We should only be fed a tiny piece of plantain once a month. This is because they are high in sugar, and the calcium to phosphorous ratio is off; if you give us too much, we can start to develop health problems. Seriously - if you're not going to use moderation with this one, you're better off not feeding it at all.

We should also note that there is also a small plant called a plantain (AKA plantago); this plant is unrelated to the banana-like plantain we're reviewing today, although if you're curious, we can also eat this kind.

The humans cut off one tiny piece for each of us. Looks like I might have all three to myself, though!
Spoke too soon!
What do you mean that's all we get for the month?
Plantains were good, but we're going to have to take off a point for being unhealthy. We prefer something that we can safely munch on to our heart's content and not have to worry about our health. Humans, I guess what I'm really trying to say is that you should add Belgian endives to your shopping list and go to the grocery store ASAP.

We'll give plantains 4/5 stars.


  1. cool, we love cherry tomatoes, but never tried plantains before. Today, we had a breakthrough and realized that we have so much to thank you for! Thank you!!!! Plus, our owner's mom had a good question. Why does Wendy's eyes turn red in the light frequently? Is that normal for some guinea pigs?
    Ashley & Wendy

    1. And thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts and experiences with us, Ashley and Wendy!

      As for Wendy's eyes, it's probably nothing to worry about. According to Guinea Lynx, "Healthy eyes reflect red in a strong light. This is especially noticeable in ruby pigs, whose dark looking eyes have a pronounced red cast to them, especially noticeable when photographed with a flash."

  2. thanks! we had no idea why, and our owner's mom thought that she was blind. Thankfully, she wasn't.
    Ashley & Wendy