Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Product Review: All Living Things Willow Tunnel

Today we're reviewing All Living Things Willow Tunnel. The package for this one says that it "encourages your pet's natural instincts to play and chew," and "offers comfort and security." As far as we can tell, willow is safe for guinea pigs to chew on, and other guinea pigs like to chew on them. But will we?

Make sure you get the right size. These things come in different sizes for different pets.
Buffy was the first to check it out, but wasn't impressed.
The humans put down some pellets inside the tunnel so we'd check it out. That got our attention! 
After the pellets were gone, we lost interest in the tunnel, and decided to search the floor for more pellets.
Once we were convinced there weren't any more pellets, I decided to give the tunnel another chance. 
And you know what? I kind of like it!
After floor time was over, the humans decided to put the willow tunnel inside our cage. I immediately went inside it again. I don't know why Buffy and Broccoli aren't interested in this thing! I think it's great, but apparently, guinea pigs opinion vary on this one. I suppose I'll give it 3/5 to reflect their lack of interest, although it would get a higher rating if it were just up to me.


  1. Thanks for the awesome review, Lola! I had one of these, and I loved the natural look of it, but after a couple of months I had to throw it away, because it's hard to keep it clean. Now I use plastic tunnels for my piggy, which I can clean with a vinegar and water solution each time I clean his cage. I miss the willow one, though--it was so cute! xo Jennifer

    1. Broccoli and Buffy have caught on about how cool the willow tunnel is. Both have started chewing on it, and Broccoli is sleeping in it this very moment. If we did the review today rather than when we first got it, it probably would have gotten 5 stars.

  2. I have a boy guinea pig, Vincent, who always has one of these. However he is a major chewer and these last him about a month or so. Currently I have my two male guinea pigs together, and they finished one in under 3 weeks. These are great for extreme chewers. I ended up getting this for Vincent because he was chewing on his plastic pigloo.

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