Thursday, April 24, 2014

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Yellow Peppers?

We've already reviewed red, orange, and green peppers, so we figured it's about time we tried the yellow ones. Now we just need to try purple peppers, and we'll have eaten a rainbow of peppers!

You may remember from our review of orange peppers that yellow bell peppers are in a level of maturity between green peppers (the least mature) and red peppers (the most mature). This means that they have a bit more sugar than green peppers, but less than red peppers. We can eat yellow peppers almost daily. Make sure you only feed us the outer flesh and not the seeds since they're a choking hazard.

As we mentioned in our Ask A Guinea Pig installment on color vision and preference, one experiment claimed that guinea pigs seemed to prefer the colors yellow and blue, so we're expecting big things from you, yellow peppers!

Here I am, the dominant pig, surrounded by my subordinates.
I think I like yellow peppers!
Hey! I'm the dominant pig! You can't block my access to the food plate! This is mutiny!
Yellow peppers were so good that they made Broccoli and Buffy go crazy and forget who the dominant pig is. I'll have to remember to steal their food later for that.

We give yellow bell peppers 5/5 stars!


  1. Pssst! Check the second line. I think you meant to say "yellow". ;)

  2. Haha! That last photo and caption is the funniest!

  3. Ha! We agree so much! Today, we had a breakthrough and realized that we have so much to thank you for! Thank you!!!! Plus, our owner's mom had a good question. Why does Wendy's eyes turn red in the light frequently? Is that normal for some guinea pigs?
    Ashley & Wendy