Friday, September 19, 2014

Can Guinea Pigs Eat White Peppers?

Readers, I hope you're not sick of reading bell pepper reviews, because we're certainly not sick of eating them! As we've previously mentioned, most bell peppers start out as green, turn yellow and orange, and then eventually end up turning red. However, there are some types that start out as different colors (e.g. purple) before eventually turning red. White bell peppers are just like the purple ones in this regard; they start out as white, then turn peach, orange, and eventually red. The color of white can vary, such as a pale yellow-white or an ivory white. Treat these as green peppers since they haven't developed the sugar content of a red pepper yet; this means you can feed white peppers almost daily.

This one is a pale yellow-white, so maybe this is a White Holland bell pepper.
Can I have some?
Let me just reach in there if you don't mind...
Here's a tip for you non-dominant piggies out there: When your cage mates are trying to establish dominance with each other, that's the perfect time to swoop and grab some food while they're distracted! I may not be the biggest, baddest pig in the cage, but I still manage to eat well.

We'll give white peppers 5/5 stars!

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