Monday, February 22, 2016

Product Review: All Living Things Bottle Brush

As we've mentioned before, we're not very happy with the water bottle we currently have because it's hard for the humans to clean. It's unpleasant to hear our humans complain about how hard it is to reach deep down into the bottle to clean out the gunk that accumulates. We've tried getting flip-top water bottles before, which should have solved the problem, but which leaked so badly that they were unusable.

The humans brought home All Living Things Bottle Brush the other day in order to make cleaning our current water bottle easier without buying one of those leaky flip-top water bottles. (It could have just been the brand. If anyone can recommend any reliable flip-top bottles, please let us know in the comments section.)

Can this brush prevent the humans from complaining about how hard our water bottle is to clean?
Today, the humans gave it a shot.

Looks a lot easier now.
The brush bristles moved, allowing the thicker end to fit easily into the bottle. Because it was so wide, the humans were able to wipe off all that hard-to-reach gunk in under a minute. Therefore, we're very happy with this thing. There's also a smaller brush that's designed to clean the drinking tube on the water bottle. The humans had trouble making it fit in our water bottles' drinking tube.

For making our humans' lives easier, thereby saving our delicate ears from human grumbling and cursing, we're going to give All Living Things Bottle Brush 5/5 stars!


  1. Our Slave has a brush just like that for cleaning our water bottles. It is a different brand as we are in England but it is identical and works very well for her. She also has a tiny little brush for cleaning the tube and when she bought it the shopkeeper said that it looked like a toothbrush for a rat. We give our brushes 5 stars too.

  2. I use a teaspoon of rice and half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate with a tiny amount of water and shake. Cleans gunk, deodorises and kills spores.

    1. Thanks for the tip! We'll have to get our humans to try this sometime.