Saturday, May 17, 2014

Product Review: Super Pet Top Fill Water Bottle

We currently have a water bottle from Petco that we're not entirely happy with. It gets the job done, but there are a few problems with it. One time, the water wouldn't come out, and we got really thirsty. Fortunately, that only happened once, but we are somewhat concerned it could happen again since we're not sure how it happened the first time.

The main concern we have is how difficult that thing is to clean for the humans. There's no easy way for the humans to reach up inside the bottle and scrub away the gunk that accumulates. This is why the humans tried buying us a Petco Flip-Top Water Bottle last year, which probably would have been great if not for that scary-looking metal nub at the end of the nozzle, which we couldn't figure out how to drink out of.
That looks promising...
Today, we're reviewing Super Pet Top Fill Water Bottle. At last, the humans seems to find a water bottle that seemed to fit all our criteria:
  1. A flip top for easy cleaning; 
  2. A ball dispenser on the nozzle (not a scary metal nub). 
  3. Easily attaches to our cage.
We should also note that this bottle did seem a bit smaller than our old bottle, which would mean more frequent running out and refilling. But since it's got a flip top, at least refilling will be easier on the humans.

It leaks! See that drop in the red circle?
It turns out the stupid bottle leaks! It looks like we're going to have to add a fourth criteria for our ideal water bottle: doesn't leak!

We'll give Super Pet Top Fill Water Bottle only 1.5/5 star. (We'll give it .5 above the lowest rating for meeting our other three criteria. It's possible our humans simply brought home a defective one, but it doesn't reflect well on the company's commitment to quality if they allow a defective water bottle to make it to the store.)


  1. We bought one of those once, and it leaked too! The angle of the spout was too sharp for our boys to like drinking out of as well. It's not just yours.

    1. Thanks for letting us know that yours leaked, too! Now we don't feel as bad about giving it such a low rating! :-)