Monday, July 11, 2016

Product Review: Small Pet Select Meadow Ball

One thing we've learned from running this blog is that there are a fair amount of ball-shaped guinea pig toys out there. We've reviewed at least two types of willow balls, for instance. There's probably a third willow ball out there somewhere we could have reviewed, but we like to mix it up around here. Therefore, we're reviewing a different type of ball today: Small Pet Select's Meadow Ball. Their online listing says: "Lucious meadow grass, all twisted and wrapped into a ball of fun goodness. What is better than a treat you can eat and play with too?  Healthy high fiber, totally safe."

The humans opened the box during floor time, and they immediately got our attention!

Is this where the expression "having a ball" comes from? It's from guinea pigs chewing on toys like this, right?
Next, the humans dropped off the ball in Lola's cage. (They're still trying to integrate Lola into our little group, but it hasn't quite worked out yet.) Lola took one look at the ball and ran back to her pigloo! That poor piggy finds the world to be an incredibly scary place, and is not a fan of unfamiliar things.

We'll give Small Pet Select Meadow Ball 4/5 stars. As far as we can tell, it's made out of safe, good-quality materials, and two of us had fun chewing on it. But I suppose we have to take off a star since Lola found it scary.


  1. Oooo, we think we would like this. We recently tried a dried okra pod from Small Pet Select, and we love playing tug of war with it! It's a little messy, so that's a bonus.

    1. We haven't tried the okra pods yet, but that sounds like fun. Maybe that will be our next bonus item when we reorder hay!