Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Product Review: The Busy Bunny's Willow Ball

As we mentioned in our recent review of the Busy Bunny's Chew Ring, Small Pet Select is now carrying a few select products from the Busy Bunny on their website, so we decided to try some. This is the second product from the Busy Bunny we ordered with our hay.

I don't see any peanuts in the middle this time.
Eh. I'll play with it later.
Still thinking about playing with it. Maybe later.
As we previously mentioned, willow is safe for guinea pigs to chew on, and it's probably better for us than the Snak Shak products. However, we face the dilemma that we imagine human dieters face when they're deciding between rice cakes and pizza: do I want healthy and bland, or something somewhat unhealthy but delicious? Unfortunately, this products just can't hold our interest like the Snak Shaks can. We did give the willow ball a few nibbles, and it's not bad, but we're just not that enthusiastic about it.

We'll give Busy Bunny's Willow Ball 2/5 stars.


  1. Can guinea pigs drink pure bottled Clementine juice as a treat?

    1. Clementine juice probably has too much sugar to give to your guinea pigs. You can give certain other types of juice as an occasional treat if unsweetened and watered-down, however; see our Ask A Guinea Pig post on juice for details.

  2. Our humans gave us this ball to try, too, but it wasn't as much fun as another one we tried. It had a wood cylinder in the middle that rattles around when you chew it. a much more exciting. I'm very glad they replaced the peanut with wood - it's much safer for us, now. - Power Puff and Jojo
    Here's the link: http://smile.amazon.com/Ware-Manufacturing-Willow-Branch-4-inch/dp/B003XV5E9U/ref=pd_bia_nav_t_3?ie=UTF8&refRID=0C514B4TMRAWJX5D31ET