Saturday, May 24, 2014

Product Review: Ware Willow Branch Ball

When we reviewed All Living Things Willow Tunnel, we gave it 3/5 stars at the time because Buffy and Broccoli did not seem as interested in it as I was. They eventually caught on after the review was posted, and we'd probably give it a higher rating if we reviewed it today. Given our interest in chewing on that, the humans decided to get us another willow product to chew on: Ware Willow Branch Ball.

The back of the package says: "Say 'bye-bye' to cage boredom with a tasty solution to prevent negative behaviors." By negative behaviors, I assume they're talking about stuff like rattling the cage bars. I have to admit, we are occasionally guilty of that when we're bored. We'll see if this thing helps.
Willow is a plus. Other types of animals on the front isn't.
My willow ball!

Or maybe not! Wow, Broccoli has some strong jaw muscles!
So this thing was fairly fun to chew on at first, but we started to lose interest in it a bit since the humans first put it in our cage. We should also point out that when it was first put in our cage, the humans noticed that there was something inside the ball that was rattling. They reached inside it and pulled out some peanuts! Peanuts are not guinea pig food, and shouldn't be included in a product that has a guinea pig on the front. Even worse, we didn't even see anything on the package that mentions that it contains peanuts, so there's no easy way to know it contains an unhealthy food.

We were going to give Ware Willow Branch Ball 3/5 stars before we noticed the peanuts, but we're going to bump it down to 2/5 stars for that.


  1. The peanuts could also be very dangerous if a human with a severe allergy handled the ball!

    1. We hadn't considered that! We might have given it an even lower score if we had. No piggy wants to see their human get sick from one of our toys!

  2. yeah
    owner saw it in store
    did not buy. She has good judgment!
    Ashley & Wendy

    1. I think sometimes our humans will buy guinea pig products that they're on the fence about so we'll get a chance to review them. That way, if they're bad, we'll have a chance to warn other guinea pigs and their humans about them!

  3. My piggies love the willow ball, but it doesn't last very long!