Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Buffy goes to the vet!

Today I went to the vet to get a mani pedi and a haircut. SEAVS exotic animal vet is the absolute best in the DC/Northern Virginia area. While waiting to see the vet, I met several other animals, including two friendly guinea pigs also in for a nail trim, a sick baby hedgehog, a bird, and a bunny rabbit. I like that SEAVS doesn't allow scary predators like dogs in their office- I felt much safer.

They trimmed my nails and shaved some of my long curls so they wouldn't become too dirty.
The knowledgeable staff who took care of me.
Getting my hair done :)

Now I look and feel much better! Guinea pigs need regular nail trims, which are best left to the experts. No offense to my human, but I'd rather the professionals handle sharp grooming tools around me.

I feel like a princess! Lola is totally jealous.


  1. I live on Leesburg and go to the vet there. I was told about SEAVS because I want to get my boys neutered-especially Nibbles because he hasn't been the same since we took him out of the cage with Layla-his first cage mate (he was supposed to be a girl!)
    SEAVS told me it would be $320 for Nibbles to be neutered and I don't have that kind of money. :(
    Also, your piggie with the tan on her face looks like my Taylor! That is so weird!

  2. Thanks for visiting our blog! SEAVS is expensive for sure; neutering is by far the most expensive service they offer. If you ever need a check up or if you piggie gets sick, they are amazing and passionate about what they do and their prices are much more reasonable ($60-80-ish).

    We're in the same area, so maybe Nibbles and Lola are related! :)


  3. i am too scared to trim my guinea pigs' nails as well! Although it would save me quite a bit of money, as it is about $12 per pig per trim, which is pretty steep since it only takes about three minutes! that's about a dollar per nail!