Saturday, March 19, 2011

Buffy's bath

Today I had a bath. It's been about two months and my fur was beginning to get gross, so my human decided to give me a bath. I hate baths so much. It's not fair that Lola never has to get a bath. Sometimes I wish I was a short haired guinea pig. They never need baths. But my super curly long fur needs to be cleaned. Let me tell you all about the harrowing experience.

First, my human filled a large plastic bin with about three inches of warm water. Then she added a mild  fragrance free soap to the water and put me in.

Then she added a little mild soap directly to my fur and lathered it in. She had to change out the water a few times since I was so dirty. Then once she had rinsed all the soap off, she took me out. 
Pretty and clean!
Finally, she set me on a towel to dry. I shook off a few times and after a few minutes of drying off, I was put back home in the cage.

Lola sniffed me suspiciously. Apparently she didn't recognize me at first since I didn't smell like I usually do. I'm glad that's over with. I hope I don't have to have another bath for a long time.

BONUS: Here's a video of me shaking off:


  1. I really like the second picture.

  2. Awwwww Buffy is such a cutie! You are gorgeous, sometimes you need a bath, Mika doesn't like baths much and he's a long haired piggy, maybe it has something to do with long hair... Astro has baths and he seems okay with it...

  3. second picture:what is that rope thing?

  4. when I changed my hay rack little princess didn't run out! when I change it she comes running out. yes she was awake she isn't full or hurt. HELP PLEASE! no I am not shouting.

  5. Hi Anonymous- lethargy in guinea pigs is always a concern. If you see their fur bristle and puff up in addition to lethargy, it's time for a visit to your local vet.

    One way to monitor your pig's health is to weigh them regularly. Slight fluctuations in weight are normal, but if your piggie is losing weight noticably every time you weigh her, I would suggest seeing a vet.

    The last sign that your pig might be sick is if they stop eating. If they have a noticeably reduced appetite or stop eating altogether, take them to a vet to diagnose the problem.

    Good luck. Hopefully she's just tuckered out from floor time.

  6. same person from above she wasn't sick and i give her floor time around noon so that was way too early she ate her breckfeast this morning and her poops seem normal and her weait is around broccli's maybe less

  7. Okay, that sounds good. Just keep monitoring your piggie's weight then and make sure she gets floor time, plenty of hay and fresh water.

  8. how are you so calm when awnsering question but exitced when in your cages? oh yeah and she was just tired from running around at night sorry for acting soo crazy just like her:) :) :) once she bit my rular good thing it's wood:)