Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can Guinea Pig Eat Basil?

We have not reviewed too many herbs so far. We've tried cilantro and dill, but I think that's all so far. Today, we're going review herb #3: basil. Keep in mind that basil is a food that you should only feed your piggy once or twice per week.
Our eyes are a little red from the camera flash. That's not the basil's fault.
The basil is pretty good. 
I like this. Not sure if I like it enough to steal Buffy's share after I'm done. We'll  see!
We'll give basil 4/5 stars. It was good, but we didn't go crazy for it like we do for certain other foods (like carrots). 


  1. What other herbs do Oliver and Reese like? We're always up for reviewing new foods.

    1. my piggy princess booboo always would take lettuce and salad rolls with extra hay but those aren't useful (sighs)

  2. My piggy goes crazy for parsley! Lots of Vitamin C in it too :)

  3. My cavy, Toni, loves mint leaves! He's not too crazy about cilantro, haha :)

  4. Bert & Theodore (aka TT) love fresh corn husk, baby corns and the silk. I don't give them too much silk but they tear up the fresh corn husk, especially the tender ones inside, right up next to the ear. They can't wait for corn season! I even freeze them some for a treat in the winter months. It gets a lil soft but they don't seem to mind at all.

  5. How much do you feed of basil at once for a single guinea pig? Chop likes it. His last owner, a coworker, gave us a basil plant when we got him. She gave him 2 leaves every other day, what is in the blown in the photo looks like a lot more than that. Just curious.