Saturday, July 2, 2011

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Santa Claus Melon?

Did you know that there is a Wikipedia entry on "Christmas in July" about Christmas-themed parties held during this month? I'm not sure if the humans planned this, but we just had a little Christmas in July party in our guinea pig cage. There was no drinking at this party (except from our water bottle), but there was good food. We got to try Santa Claus Melon.
Wow, is that whole thing for us? It's bigger than the plate!
Oh, I see. The cut-up bits are going to be ours. I guess we couldn't have eaten the whole thing anyway.
Thank you, Santa Claus!
This is a great Christmas in July party!
Santa Claus melon, also known as Christmas melon, tastes a lot like Honeydew melon with a hint of cucumber. We liked it a bit better than Honeydew melon, but we weren't as enthusiastic about it as some of the red fruits we've been eating recently. So, we'll give it 4/5 stars. (I hope we won't get lumps of coal next Christmas in July for taking off a star!)

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