Monday, August 1, 2011

Kaytee Timothy Biscuits with Carrots: Product Review

We like the idea of treats, but oftentimes, the reality is disappointing. We did love Oxbow Simple Rewards Timothy Treats, but did not care for Seagrass Twists or Ecotrition Citrus C Orange Slice Treats. It's amazing how many disappointing treats there are out there. It's probably a safer treat to buy your guinea pig some fruit from the grocery store than to buy the treats from the pet store. Today, we're reviewing Kaytee Timothy Biscuits with Carrots. They come in apple and carrot flavors, but our humans know us well enough to know which one to pick.
Looks like there's a decent quantity in the bag, unlike the Ecotrition Orange Slice Treats.
Smells good...
Tastes good, too. But what's up with those strange noises Lola is making? Does that mean she wants to steal my treats?

These treats are pretty good. We'll give them 4/5 stars.

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