Thursday, May 26, 2011

Product Review: Ecotrition Citrus C Orange Slice Treats

Today, the humans fed us Ecotrition Citrus C Orange Slice Treats. As our readers already know, we love our liquid vitamin C, and the back of the package said they "provide... vitamin C by combining carrot with juicy orange bits and pressing them into fun shapes," so we had high hopes for these treats.

We love vitamin C, we love carrots, and we love treats, so this looks promising!
Smells good. Looks good. I want to try it! Please don't take it, Lola
Of course, Lola did take it and ran off with it. Fortunately, the humans decided to give out another one so I'd get one.

Hooray for treats! I'll actually get one this time!
Our enthusiasm died down once we actually got our mouths on the treats, though. We both chewed on them for a few minutes and then got bored of them.

Lola liked them a little more than I did. You can see how much she ate on the left, and how much I ate on the right.
Another problem with these treats is that there are only 5 large treats in the bag, so it's harder for the humans to dole out reasonable portions. I'm sorry to say that we can only give these treats 1/5 stars.

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