Sunday, May 8, 2011

Review of Simple Rewards Timothy Treats

Simple Rewards Timothy Treats are great! I usually don't like being held as much as Lola does, but if the humans feed me this stuff while holding me, then I don't mind being pet by them. (Actually, I'm still not crazy about it, but don't tell them that. These things are worth it!) 5/5 stars!
This is what you should look for the next time you're at the pet store.
What's that smell? Is that what I think it is?
It is! YUM!

Hey, could you please move? Please? I want some more!
As you can see, certain piggies in the cage have trouble sharing (hint: it's not me!), so the humans now feed us our Simple Rewards separately, giving us each 3 per day. I would prefer getting more, but at least I know I'll get some.