Friday, October 28, 2011

Product Review: FM Brown's Herbs n' Hay Edible Tunnel

As we recently mentioned, we came in second place in the PetSmart costume contest, and got a free $5 product as our prize. We decided to go with this Herbs n' Hay Edible Tunnel:

"A great place to sleep," you say? We're more of the pigloo type of piggies.
What's in here?
Lola, you can't drag that thing back into your pigloo! It won't fit!
We've had a tunnel in the past that was a different brand, and this tunnel is pretty much the same to us. It's fun to chew on and fun to walk through, but we've never slept it in or used it to "just get away from it all." Despite this, it's still spices up our cage, and I'm sure it's going to last us a long time. 4.5/5 stars!

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