Saturday, October 1, 2011

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Eggplant?

Good news, guinea pigs and humans who have the good sense to love guinea pigs! While our main camera is still broken, the humans managed to find one of their old cameras stashed away in storage. The old camera isn't quite as good, but it should be good enough to show us trying delicious (and not-so-delicious) foods again. For our first food review in a long time, we're trying eggplant.

Some websites list eggplant as a "question food" for guinea pigs because they don't know enough to say whether it's safe for us to eat or not. However, the folks at said it's okay in moderation (1-2 times per week), so we figured we'd give it a try. And were we glad that we did!

I thought that was apple at first, but it's not. What is this? I like it!

Humans, thanks for cutting it up so Lola can't steal it all!
No more eggplant? Oh no! Humans, could we please have some more?
Eggplants don't really have a lot of the nutrition that guinea pigs need like Vitamin C, so from a nutritional standpoint, you probably shouldn't feed it to us. However, it's pretty darn tasty! We classify eggplant as piggy junk food: delicious, but best fed in moderation. 4/5 stars!


  1. thanx really helped me!!!!! MWA MWA MWA MWA!

  2. Thanks for this we got eggplant but nun of us humans like it so ya we disided to feed it to the piggies:P

  3. thanks! I was worried it was bad for them.

  4. thanks cause now i could feed the leftover eggplant that i have to my piggies.

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