Saturday, January 14, 2012

Feeding Your Guinea Pig Wheatgrass

We came across this video of two guinea pigs named Riku and Sora eating some wheatgrass that their human grew for them. Did you know that you can grow wheatgrass from the wheat berries sold at places like Whole Foods? Neither did we! But we think it will be fun to try it, so we've sent our humans out to get some wheat berries. According to the human in the video, growing wheatgrass takes about one week, so we will try it and report back later. In the meantime, check out Riku and Sora:


  1. Your Piggies are so cute! I have 2 piggies who are my world! :) <3
    How many do you have?

  2. I bought some wheatgrass from my petstore and my piggy Skittkes is obsessed with it! He knows if he makes enough noise I'll trim him some to get him to be content!