Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We Won A CareFresh Honorable Mention

Hey humans! We just now realized that the 4th of July video we submitted to the official CareFresh YouTube site won an honorable mention on their video of the month contest! This happened six months ago and we are just now learning about it, but hey, we're happy about it nonetheless. Here's our winning video:

What we're not happy about is that someone actually disliked our video! We're pretty sure it was a rival piggie, since many of the other videos in voting were also voted thumbs down by someone. Not cool, other piggie. Play fair, or Lola will hunt you down, and "burrr" loudly at you. Which can be pretty scary.

We will be submitting another video soon. The winner of the month gets a free 60L bag of CareFresh! And the winner of the year gets a free one year's supply of CafeFresh. We think that award has our names all over it, so be sure to vote for us once we submit it.

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