Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review of All Living Things Small Animal Bed, Large

All Living Things is the same company that made our carriers, which we like, so we were excited to try this bed. It actually looks more like a love seat than a bed, but we won't deduct any stars for that. Buffy and I both would tentatively sniff it and dare each other to go onto it, but it took a few minutes to work up the courage to try it. We did, and it was comfy, but there's no top over it like a pigloo so we always felt exposed in it. We need a roof over our heads to really curl up and relax. One of the humans decided that since we weren't using it much that Broccoli should have it:

How can he relax without a roof over his head? He's either brave or crazy!
Another nice feature of this bed is that it comes with clips on the back so you don't have to worry about your cage-mate moving from the spot you want it in. It also has those cool stripes on the sides. Buffy and I would give it 3 stars while Broccoli would give it 5 stars; we'll split the difference and do 4 stars with the caveat that your piggy may feel exposed and not use it much, so hold on to the receipt until you know your piggy loves it. 


  1. OHHH! I know he runs cold, this is just the ticket for his little body to stay warm(er). He looks like he is putting on a little more weight! Yeah Broccoli! Keep eating little boy. :)