Monday, May 12, 2014

Product Review: Oxbow Timothy Carrot

Today, we're going to review Oxbow Timothy Carrots. The front of the packaging describes this as "an enriching addition to your pet's habitat." In addition to a picture of a guinea pig, it also has pictures of a rabbit, hamster, and other small animals.

We tend to like products that are customized for guinea pigs, but we also tend to like Oxbow as a brand, so it's tough to predict what we'll think of this one. We've reviewed a similar product in the past, Super Pet Bunny Flip 'N' Toss Carrot, which we did not like. Unlike that product, however, this is made entirely from Timothy Hay, so it's actually more like the Oxbow Timothy Mat (which we loved) in terms of materials.

Good! An Oxbow product! We tend to like Oxbow.

This string is awesome to chew on!
When the humans hung this thing up in our cage, Buffy and I immediately went to town on the string part that's used to hang it up. We chewed up one side of the string, and then the other, until the timothy carrot fell on the ground. The main part of the timothy carrot is okay, and we'll nibble on it occasionally, but the string is the best part! I wish Oxbow would make a product that was all string part; it'd be gone in a less than a day in our cage!

We'll give Oxbow Timothy Carrot 3/5 stars!


  1. If you guys liked it, we might just have to try it! (By the way, we're big fans!)
    -The Piggies from

    1. Nice blog! We just added you to our Blogger Reading List. :-)

  2. Our humans brought us a Timothy Carrot today! We love it, and you're right, the string is awesome!

    -- Jasper and Oliver