Monday, January 13, 2014

Product Review: Oxbow Timothy Mat

Today we're reviewing Oxbow's Timothy Mat. We weren't sure what this product was intended for at first. Is it just another way to feed us hay like the Harvest Stacks? Is it another chew toy like the Snak Shak Activity Log? Are we supposed to wipe our feet on it before entering our pigloos? The front of the package doesn't help explain it. It just says: "An enriching addition to your pet's habitat." But how exactly will it enrich our habitat?

So confused by this thing...
The Oxbow website finally shed some light on how to use this thing: "Oversized, all-grass accessories offer a place to rest and relax inside or outside the cage. Edible construction offers your small pet the high fiber he needs and craves." Okay, got it! It's supposed to be an edible pet bed. Let's open it up and give it a try.

Okay, so how do we want to use this thing? Rest on it? No, let's all just chew on it!
Wow! This thing is fun to chew on!
So it turns out we're not really interested in resting on this thing. We've got a great pet bed for that. The way we see it, this mat is for chewing, and it's really fun to chew on! 5/5 stars!


  1. That looks fun! I might have to get one for my Rufus! xo Jennifer

    1. If you decide to buy it through Amazon, we hope you'll consider using our new Amazon affiliate link, which we'll use to fund more giveaways!

  2. where can our owner find one of these?

  3. My 3 - make that 2 guineas, (Gingee just passed at the beginning of December and we all still miss her SOOO much, :-( but she DID get to use this mat, so we're including her here...) Gingee, Darwin & Fionna (better known as Fi or FiFi) all reviewed this mat too. Like your piggies, they really didn't give one fig about laying/sleeping on it. However, not wanting to waste the purchase, & because they LOVE their Seagrass beds, I held on to it. It didn't take too long & I realized that I could put their food on it!

    That works so well, that often, even though they're hungry, they don't eat food that's NOT on the mat! LOL! They'll eat their pellets & hay, but if any lettuce, parsley, kale, spinach... gets dropped on the floor of the cage, they tend to ignore it unless I'm late with their next meal & they're REALLY hungry, it stays on the floor til I clean it up before their next meal... Either they're REALLY neat, or I've got them really well trained! lol

    Again, they LOVE the seagrass beds! And they DO eat them! Don't know what the difference is between the two, why they'll eat their beds but not the mat, but there's only about a 4" square of one, and most of the other. One thing that I've done to help them last longer & stay cleaner is that I put either small towels or pieces of fleece in the bottom to line them before they sleep in them. We change the fleeces/towels every day - they keep the poos & pee from soaking thru & getting stuck to the beds! Same with the Seagrass bungalows that they LOVE.

    I got them thru my local pet store before we moved, I'm now looking for an online source. Hope this helps anyone thinking about buying any of them...