Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Golden Nugget Squash?

If you do a web search for "golden nugget," you'll get a lot of casino-related search results. As far as we know, this squash has nothing to do with gambling, however. Golden Nugget Squash was actually developed at North Dakota State University in 1966. This squash is rather small compared to pumpkins and hubbard squash. Since golden nugget squash is a winter squash, we can have it 2-4 times per week.

It's smaller than most squash. I wonder if I can drag it through the door of my pigloo?
Munch, munch...
More squash!
How about you let me in there to get a nugget of Golden Nugget?
This is one tasty squash! Golden nugget squash gets 5/5 stars!

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