Sunday, April 12, 2015

Product Review: Oxbow Pure Comfort Small Animal Bedding

The world has gone topsy-turvy. We always thought of Oxbow as the people who make hay and pellets, while Carefresh are the people who make bedding. Then we discovered that Carefresh sells their own hay. Now, we discover that Oxbow makes their own bedding! What's next, guinea pigs sleeping in human beds and humans sleeping in pigloos?

Okay, we know that Oxbow knows how to make a bedding, but do they know how to make a good bedding? Let's find out by reviewing Oxbow Pure Comfort Small Animal Bedding.

We like the colors.
We discovered that this bedding comes in three colors: White, Natural, and Blend. We got the Blend, which looks like someone mixed some Carefresh Natural and Carefresh Ultra bedding together. It looks nice.
Clever. It's like you're looking at the backside of the guinea pig on the front.
We had recently discussed the issue of baking soda in guinea pig bedding, and came to the conclusion that while companies claim it's in a harmless form in their bedding, it's probably still better to avoid bedding with baking soda just to be on the safe side. The good news is this stuff doesn't contain baking soda or anything else that's questionable; it's just made of "Pure, Never-printed Paper Bedding."

I just woke up, and I've determined that it's good for napping.
Apparently, it also makes a good bathroom. Thanks a lot, Broccoli. That was my napping spot you used!
It turns out that not only do we like Oxbow's hay and treats, but also their bedding. Oxbow Pure Comfort Small Animal Bedding is soft, controls odors well, is safe/non-toxic, and we think the Blend's color mix is pretty cool.

The only other consideration we should point out is the price. (As long-time readers know, we wouldn't care much about that money stuff ourselves, but our humans do, and it's better to have happy humans, right?) Let's do a quick comparison of prices from an online store (note that prices may vary from store to store, different sizes of products, and other factors):
  • Oxbow Pure Comfort™ Small Pet Bedding - White or Natural = $14.99 for 42 L = $0.36 per Liter
  • Oxbow Pure Comfort™ Small Pet Bedding - Blend = $16.99 for 42 L = $0.40 per Liter
  • CareFRESH® Custom Natural Rabbit & Guinea Pig Bedding & Litter = $19.99 for 60 L = $0.33 per Liter
So the only issue we have with this stuff is that it might not be your cheapest option. Otherwise, we have no complaints about this stuff at all. We give it 4.5/5 stars!

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