Sunday, April 19, 2015

Product Review: Oxbow Timothy Club Bungalow, Medium

Today we're reviewing Oxbow Timothy Club Bungalow. This is a product in Oxbow's Timothy Club line of products, which also includes the Oxbow Timothy Twists we previously reviewed.
Hooray, Oxbow! We like reviewing their products because they're usually good.
The defining feature of Timothy Club products apparently is that they are "made from 100% timothy hay," according to the package. This is a good thing since timothy hay is the bulk of our diet already, so you know it's safe. This puts our minds at ease after dealing with a lot of questionable stuff in guinea pig products like burlap and peanuts. The only thing in this regard to be aware of is that there's a moisture absorbing silica gel packet inside the Timothy Bungalow when you first open it. Make sure your humans throw this thing away before giving it to you!

The packet says: "Do not eat." That's good advice! That is NOT a treat.
One the packet was removed, the humans put down the timothy bungalow as part of our floor time piggy city
It sure is dark in the back of this thing.
Plenty of room to turn around in it!
It was a lot of fun to chew on this thing at first. However, after floor time was over, the humans decided to temporarily replace one of our pigloos with it to give us a chance to continue using it. It was during this time that one of the big differences between the bungalow and a pigloo emerged: a bottom. Having a bottom on the bungalow means that when nature takes its' course, the bungalow starts getting dirty. The humans seem concerned that having the bottom will make this thing get gross too quickly, causing them to throw it out and not get their money's worth out of it. But we think this thing will be great while it lasts!

Oxbow Timothy Club Bungalow gets 4/5 stars!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I think my boys would love it, too :)