Saturday, July 19, 2014

Product Review: Oxbow Timothy Twists

Today we're reviewing Oxbow Timothy Twists, another chew toy in their Timothy Club line of products (which also includes the Timothy Carrot and Timothy Mat). Keep in mind that while chew toys are great (or can be), they are no substitute for fresh hay for keeping our teeth ground down to a reasonable length.

One advantage of this product is that it's just timothy hay; as Oxbow's site proclaims, it "Contains no chemicals, wire, or thread for your small pet to ingest." As long-time Cavy Savvy readers know, one sure-fire way to get a bad review from us to have something obviously unhealthy or even harmful in your pet products, such as burlap, peanuts, wood dust, etc. After establishing that it's safe, the next question, of course, is: Will we like it?

I hope we like these better than the Seagrass Twists.

I'll bite. (Literally.)

Looks like I started a trend.
We gave these a chance at first, but our interest quickly waned. We'll still occasionally give these things a little nibble, but they certainly aren't our favorite chew toy. We'll give Oxbow Timothy Twists 3/5 stars.


  1. Well, seems like it was ok, but not loveable. We don't have many favorite chew toys, but we'll try some of the things that you guys liked. Thanks for the great reviews!
    Ashley & Wendy

    1. Okay, but not lovable is a good way of describing it. We wish we liked it more since it's probably healthier than the Snak Shaks, but in terms of fun, it's got nothing on Snak Shaks. Those things are pure joy to chew on!