Sunday, March 13, 2016

Guinea Pig World Records

Although she doesn't do it as much anymore given her age and health condition, Buffy used to be quite a jumper. She'd jump up on top of pigloos and the platform on the smaller cage. Thinking about this got me wondering what the world record is for guinea pig jumps, which then got me thinking about guinea pig world records in general.

Here are some fun guinea pig world records:
If you think you can beat any of these records, you can register at the Guinness website. If you succeed, you'll be immortalized alongside Truffles and the others. (That is, until the next record-breaking guinea pig comes along!)

I wonder if there are any awards that we would qualify for. I don't think either of us can outrun or out-jump these piggies. Maybe if there was a "longest-running awesome blog written by guinea pigs" category?


  1. We think Arwen could probably beat the high jump, since she once jumped about six inches up the side of the cage, and possibly the 10 meter run, too. But the human doesn't want to give her any bad ideas, like trying to jump out of the cage. We don't know why the human thinks this because we're always angels.

    1. Humans do have a tendency to worry. Just because we've eaten Calla lillies, shoe laces, and so on doesn't mean we're ALWAYS eating things we shouldn't. We're angels 99% of the time. :-)