Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Aloha Peppers?

Aloha, readers! We found a review we had started on but never finished (around May 2018, when things started getting really crazy and we moved to a new place, and then took an extended break from blogging). You'll notice that Lola is able to be near me without being super-hostile (AKA the good old days!), and that we're still in our old cage. After this, we should be all caught up to the present day. :-)

Aloha peppers (AKA Enjoya peppers, Striped Holland bell peppers) come from a company called SUNSET, who describes them as follows: " As pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate, the Aloha pepper has beautiful red and yellow stripes and a sweet flavor unlike any other pepper on the market today."  Is that true? Our piggy palates were happy to test this claim out!

Look at it! That is an awesome-looking pepper! Can't wait to bite into it!

As mentioned in the past, most bell peppers start out as green, turn yellow and orange, and then eventually end up turning red. Aloha peppers, however, "are a fairly new variety that was discovered as a surprise variation in a garden in the Netherlands and have been developed over time to showcase the bi-colored traits. The vertical striping is not passed on through normal plant reproduction, so Striped Holland bell peppers are reproduced using cuttings and hand harvesting, making all the plants genetically identical." So it sounds like it's a lot of work for humans to make these striped peppers for our enjoyment!

Lola, do you think this tastes more like yellow peppers or red peppers?

Hey. I had my eye on that one!
As usual, we've never met a bell pepper we didn't like! 5/5 stars!


  1. Those look interesting. We will instruct our Slave to look out for them when she is piggy shopping.

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