Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Product Review: The Busy Bunny's Chew Ring

As you may know, we are big fans of Small Pet Select hay. The last time the humans reordered hay for us online, they noticed that some new products were available, and they decided to order some for us. One of these was a willow ring, which, as it turns out, was actually made by The Busy Bunny, not by Small Pet Select. (We would like to point out that Small Pet Select did list this product under their "guinea pig food" tab, despite this ostensibly being a bunny product. Both bunnies and piggies like to chew on some of the same things, I suppose.)

Please note that willow are generally safe for guinea pigs to chew on as long as it is untreated. However, we've heard reports of piggies chewing on the willow until sharp edges are formed which can cut them. Therefore, if you give your piggies something made of willow, make sure you monitor it regularly for sharp edges.

This chew ring kind of looks like a Christmas wreath, so with Christmas coming up, this seems like a timely review.
I'll try it!
We have reviewed two willow products in the past: All Living Things Willow Tunnel and Ware Willow Branch Ball. And as with those previous reviews, our interest in willow products is somewhat inconsistent. I was way more interested in the willow ring when the humans put it in our cage than Buffy or Broccoli was. My interest quickly waned, although we still nibble on it now and again.

We'll give The Busy Bunny's Chew Ring 3/5 stars!

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