Saturday, May 28, 2011

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi?

Most of the time, Lola and I more-or-less agree on what's good. We both loved carrots, and both didn't care for the strong taste of kumquats. Today, however, the humans fed us kiwi, and we were not on the same page about it.

This is what kiwi looks like inside.
Lola noticed first, but lost interest after smelling it up close.

As you can see, I like kiwi fruit, but Lola had no interest in eating it at all at first. It was nice because I could eat in peace for once. After Lola noticed how much I was enjoying myself, however, she came up to me and shoved me with her nose. Then she started eating the kiwi fruit. I think she did it just to spite me since she clearly had no interest in it earlier! After that, she got bored of it and left chunks of kiwi in the bowl.

I guess I would give kiwi 3/5 stars since I liked it a lot, but Lola apparently only eats it to show dominance, not because she likes it. Even though I liked it, it wouldn't be fair to give it a higher rating since this means there's only a 50/50 chance your piggy will like it.

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