Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Floor Time For Guinea Pigs

We love floor time. I'm normally scared of anything new and unfamiliar, so you might expect me to stay in my cage rather than explore the room. I get stir-crazy sometimes, though. Exploring the room is a little scary, to be honest, but it's not that bad when Lola leads the way. I feel safer walking behind her.

You first, Lola.

You lead the way. Or wheek the way. Whichever.

Although floor time is fun and good exercise, it's very important that your keep an eye on us at all times! Our humans have been distracted before, and we started chewing on their computer wires. They weren't too happy about that. Even worse things can happen than ruining your electronics if you don't supervise us; for example, Peace Lilies, a common house plant, can be deadly to guinea pigs. It's a good idea to pick up anything you don't want us chewing on and putting it away before floor time. With just a few precautions, your piggy can have a safe and happy floor time adventure!


  1. Ours love exploring! Rodney has even mastered the stairs. Like yours one always leads and the other tends to follow. They enjoy being given the freedom but even when you watch them they can be little tinkers and hide under the sofa, nibbling your carpet!! Lovely to see your happy piggies x

  2. Imagining a guinea pig climbing up the stairs is rather adorable :)

  3. Absolutely LUV your piggy blog! Pleasse come visit ours at

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  4. Hi deborahinwi! The follow button is at the top right hand of this blog. We are following you now :)

  5. does any one know what pellets to feed a guniea pig.

  6. We are fed Carefresh Complete. Each pig gets 1/4 cup per day. Don't forget to give your pigs unlimited timothy hay. Hay should make up 80% of their diet.