Sunday, May 8, 2011

Guest Piggy: Flower

Hi, I'm Flower, and I live at the Long Branch Nature Center in Arlington, VA. I was adopted from SEAVS a few years ago. I was named after the skunk from Bambi. I'm an unusual looking pig, I guess, because the front half of my body has short hair, while the second half has long fur that doesn't stop growing.
I am very friendly since I am used to being around humans. The Long Branch Nature Center holds birthday parties and school trips, so I've met quite a few humans over the years. Sometimes I can be a little shy like all guinea pigs, but I never make an angry "burrr" sound if someone hold me.  

The humans tried to have me become friends with the bunny who also lives at the nature center, but I hate that rabbit. She's always picking on me, and if she comes too close to me, I'll attack her right back. I really prefer the company of humans instead.

Come over and meet me sometime!